About Us

Company History

  • Firmness Ltd. was founded on October 19, 2006, as a commercial  company, providing services in the supply of divided or chip machined steel blocks, both alloyed and structural steels.
  • Until mid-2015, our offerings primarily consisted of the supply of mechanically divided, chip machined, or even ground steel blocks, which can be characterized as steels for the production of molds for plastic injection, molds for pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals, steels for the production of cutting and progressive tools and fixtures, as well as steels for the production of ejectors, guide posts, etc.
  • During this period, our middle management and workers gained long-term professional experience and knowledge, and from mid-2015, we entered the market as a manufacturing and commercial company.


  • Currently, Firmness Ltd.’s primary production program is the complete production of frames, ejector plates, base plates, and other parts of molds.
  • However, we also focus on the production of hydraulic blocks and other precise engineering units, including the machining of aluminum and aluminum weldments.


In 2023, our company has experienced a successful period of growth and innovation. With the goal of moving further forward and staying ahead of the competition, we decided to expand our machinery by the end of 2024 and continually educate ourselves in chip machining technologies.


  • CNC Lathe:

Furthermore, we plan to acquire a CNC lathe for our company. Investing in a CNC lathe will allow us to respond more quickly to our customers’ needs and elevate our production to a higher level.


  • Technological Education:

We don’t just stop at acquiring new machines. We actively follow and participate in new trends in the field of chip machining. Technological training, especially in terms of speed and quality, is our priority in order to stay on top of the competition.
We work with experts and institutions to ensure that our employees are always at the top of their game and are prepared to use the latest techniques and processes in the chip machining industry.